• Create the necessary enabling environment to facilitate the placement, utilization and exploitation of ICT within the economy and society.
  • Support the development of a viable knowledge-based ICT industry to facilitate the production, manufacturing, development, delivering, and distribution of ICT products and services.
  • Promote an improve educational system within which ICT widely deployed to facilitate the delivery of educational services at all levels of the educational system
  • Facilitate the development, expansion, rehabilitation and the continuous modernization of the national information and communications infrastructure
  •  Accelerate the development of women and eliminating gender inequalities in education, employment, decision making through the deployment and exploitation of ICT by building capacities and providing opportunities for girls and women
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of the necessary legal, institutional and regulatory framework and structures required for supporting the deployment, utilization and the development of ICT.
  •  Facilitate the development and promotion of the necessary standards, good practices and guidelines to support the deployment and exploitation of ICT within the society and economy.CAN SofTech 

CAN Soft-Tech is a major activity of Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) that brings together national and international Software, Networking Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Security Solutions, ISPs, Product Launch/New Products, Wireless Solutions, Banking Solutions, IT Enabled Services Solutions, Data center Solutions, SMB, New Product Launch, Anti Virus, e-Governance, Access Control and Security Solutions, BPO developers under single umbrella for business platform, promotion, exhibition and knowledge transfer. It is an opportunity to share ideas, demonstrate products and services, and information exchange for national and international software developers/products and software users/professionals engaged in various IT related industries. At the event separate time slots and premises are allocated for demonstration of products.